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Your Guide to the 3 Trimesters of Pregnancy

Your Guide to the 3 Trimesters of Pregnancy

Pregnancy a nine-month-long process and divided into 3 trimesters. Each trimester is divided into a certain number of weeks. Let’s learn about when each trimester starts and ends. When each trimester start and end?

1st Trimester of Pregnancy:

The first trimester starts from the 1st week and lasts for 12 weeks.

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2nd Trimester of Pregnancy:

The second trimester lasts between the 13th week to 26th week.

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3rd Trimester of Pregnancy:

The third trimester lasts from the 27th week to the end of pregnancy. Baby’s growth in each Trimester

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• During the first trimester the baby is called an embryo. During this time, the body starts to form, and initial body growth starts taking place.
Until the end of the first trimester, the baby’s facial features, eyes, ears, legs, hair follicles, arms, and complete body skeleton forms up.
• As your baby goes towards the end of the second trimester, the muscles develop, and the size of the baby also grows. The major organs also start to develop and become stronger.
• During the third trimester, the whole inside and outside the body of the baby develops stronger, and movements start to increase. As the delivery comes near, the movements slow down, and the baby mostly stays relaxed and asleep.
• A normal baby at the delivery usually weighs between 6-10 pounds. Changes in your body in each Trimester

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• During the first trimester, you will experience some sickness and visible changes like shiny skin, tender breast, glowing belly, and some internal changes as well.
• During the second trimester, your skin becomes dry and stretchy at some parts. Patches of dark skin on the face also appear.
• During the third trimester, most of your body parts become swollen, and your body temperature increases. Tips for each Trimester
• During the first trimester, increase your diet, eat more fresh fruits & vegetables, exercise daily, and take prenatal vitamins.
• During the second trimester, avoid caffeine, stay refreshed & happy, sleep to your left or right side mostly, and work out according to your doctor’s recommendation.
• During the third trimester, take as much rest as you can, stay hydrated, control your blood pressure, and eat only a healthy and nutritious diet.

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