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Why I Love Shopping For Maternity Wear

Why I Love Shopping For Maternity Wear

During my second pregnancy, I decided to treat myself to some new maternity stuff. It was my good decision, and I got a chance to break down my thought that I could only look like other typical pregnant ladies. 
And then on returning from maternity fashion, I quickly deleted all those old looks that I experienced in my first pregnancy. 

I had a great experience while shopping for maternity wear. Then I thought about the reasons why the second pregnancy is my favorite experience I had then: 

1. The collection

I randomly visited three different stores that were not offering specifically maternity clothes, but some stuff related to pregnant ladies wear there. When I reached my first destination with complete breathlessness as it happened in pregnancy, I came to know that they don’t sell maternity wear anymore. This was a little upsetting for me. Then I moved to place number two, and they were offering some pieces of maternity wear. But I couldn’t make any choice there. 
Then I moved to the third maternity wear store and one of the most favorite things I realized while standing there they had a separate section of maternity wear so one can try out clothes with ease. But unfortunately, I left all three stores without any buy.

2. The cost

During pregnancy time, it’s necessary to spend on shopping because old pregnancy stuff won’t work in the current pregnancy due to the different size and shape of the body than the previous one. And if you have to attend a family event, then it becomes mandatory to shop for something good and comfortable to cover your body properly. Reuse of old clothes is a money-saver option, but unfortunately, you can’t make it possible because of different womb sizes than the previous pregnancy. For this reason, I have to spend up to $100 on a pair of pants. 
The costs sometimes seem high, but when you use those clothes, you realize that spending money was not useless. Moreover, it’s a complete money-saver option to wear the clothes of your partner if he is bigger than you. Husband’s T-shirts are a very useful option to wear during the pregnancy period. 

3. Fittings

We consider that there are two options for maternity wear either it is skin-tight or completely free stuff. It’s completely your choice that in which stuff do you feel more relaxed. 
You can visit any maternity website or actual store if you are any size except extra small and extra-large or just hope that you will get the size of your desire. But many different ladies have different sizes and want to wear the correct size that fits them. 

4. Maternity clothes styling

It seems that the in-charge of wardrobe for pregnant ladies know all of those particular ladies who want to wear specific styles of cloth. Designers know that all the pregnant women prefer to wear horizontal stripes, mum us, shirts with cutesy/sparkly pictures or sayings on them, or super-tight grey cotton shirts. 
All these clothes are perfect for dealing with armpit stains on those extra sweaty days. The clothes mentioned above are super comfortable as well. 

5. The endurance

Most painful thing while shopping for maternity clothes is that you can’t wear those clothes for a long time due to gradually getting size. 
Zero percent chances that post-pregnancy you can wear the same clothes. But you can gift these clothes to your friends in their pregnancy time to get the complete benefit of your investment. Some secondhand maternity stores provide you cheap clothes. So to buy from such stores is also a smart choice.