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Why Do Babies Spit?

Almost all babies spit up less or more, and it is completely natural for them to spit. But if your baby is spitting too much and you are searching for tips regarding babies spitting, then we have the answer for you. The babies spit up or reflux due to the trapped air inside.

While feeding the baby also swallow some air along with milk which gets trapped in the passage.

Now as the air has to come out, when it does so some of the milk also comes out making your baby spit.

Babies like to feed, and some of them like to overfeed and thus results in spitting up more often. Basically, the digestive system of the babies is not firmed enough at the end to keep everything down. So when they overfeed or change their position right after feeding the food might go back up through the esophagus.

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Tips Regarding Babies Spitting

If you are looking for some tips regarding babies spitting that might help them keep their food in, then here are a few.  

• Hold your newborn in an upright position to give food a straight path towards his tummy.

• Feed your child in a calm and quiet environment and without making him too much hungry. If your baby gets frantic or distracted, he might end up swallowing a lot of air along with milk.

• Mind the nipple in the feeding bottle. Whether you feed him breastmilk or the formula milk through the bottle, always make sure the nipple has a modest hole.

• Hold your baby up for a burp. Making your baby burp after feeding is extremely important as it let all the air exit.

• Don’t put pressure on the tummy or jostle your baby too much after feeding.

• Don’t overfeed your baby.   If your baby is spitting and you need some tips, then we have just given some above. Do share this with your friends and family to benefit every new parent out there.

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