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What Is The Average Newborn Weight At Birth?

The Average Newborn Weight At Birth

Being a parent, you want everything extraordinary for your child. But still, there are somethings that you want your child to score average at and Weight is one of them. If your newborn weight is too low, you would be worried about your newborn being too weak.

If The newborn weight is too high, even then you would be fret about obesity.

However, you have to keep in mind the weight at birth of the newborns depends on various factors, and the range of average weight is quite wide to accommodate most of the children.

What Is The Average Weight At Birth?

The average newborn weight at birth is 7.5, but the normal weight range is 5.8 to 10. So, if your newborn weight falls anywhere between the normal range congrats, you have a healthy baby. But weight at birth should not be a concern as the babies tend to gain and lose weight immediately after birth. So as long as your baby is eating, pooping, and peeing regularly, he is healthy and fit.  

Factors Affecting the Newborn Weight at Birth

As we have mentioned above, there are various factors that affect newborn weight at birth, including the following:   

• Mother’s diet before and during the pregnancy 

• Pre-natal health of mother whether she smokes, drinks, etc. 

• You and your partner’s size and weight during birth 

• Age of the mother 

• Gender of the baby 

• Position of the baby, whether he or she is a firstborn or the 2nd or 3rd child 

• Whether you are carrying singleton, twins or triplets 

• Race of the baby as from which region he belongs   Although all these factors matter a lot, the most important thing is the mother’s diet and health. If the mother is healthy, she tends to give birth to a healthy baby, so next time the newborn weight at birth bothers you, have a good check on your diet.

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