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tow basic methods for swaddling a baby

tow basic methods for swaddling a baby

No matter how many books and internet searches you have gone through before holding your baby in your arms, you always end up finding it different. Every child is different and demands different handling strategies to keep him, or her calm and relax. Swaddling a baby is one of the most important parenting tricks to keep your baby calm.

Do you know the trick as to how to swaddle a baby? Or are you looking for some tips for swaddling a baby in the right way? Don’t worry, we have you covered by sharing eh right technique for swaddling a baby.

There are two methods for swaddling a baby. The key is to keep on trying to get a hold of this technique.

1- Diamond shape swaddle:

Place the swaddling cloth in the diamond shape and lie down your child on it. Fold the right side of the cloth, wrapping the right arm to the left side. Now take the lower bottom corner and fold it upward and tuck it inside. Then take the left corner of the swaddling cloth and wrap it around into the right side of the baby and tuck it in.

2- Square Swaddle:

If you find diamond shape swaddle a bit intimidating, you can opt for a quick swaddling a baby technique.

Lay the cloth on a flat place and place your baby on their back over the top of the cloth. Take the right corner of the cloth and tightly tuck in at the back of the baby. Then take the left side and repeat the process. In the end, take the bottom of the swaddle and tuck it behind the baby.

You can opt for whichever method suits you the best and make your baby calm and secure. The swaddling a baby technique ensures your baby finds comfort and security in a swaddle.