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Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Are you expecting a baby or planning to get pregnant? If yes, then you certainly need to take great care of yourself. Few things are worth considering to learn about how to stay healthy during pregnancy. 

Below are some tips to stay healthy during pregnancy to ensure the best care for your baby & yourself. 

First thing, first! Educate yourself

If you want to learn how to stay healthy during pregnancy, then you need to educate yourself about its importance. You can learn the importance of health from different resources, including websites and childbirth classes. If it’s your first baby, then you’ll get to learn about childbirth & infant care. Moreover, these classes mentally prepare you for the delivery. 

Parental health care

Regular parental care is critical to stay healthy during pregnancy. If you’re pregnant, then get in touch with your health care provider and schedule an appointment with you. Your health care provider will assess your current health condition. After examining your current health condition, he/she will give you a comprehensive plan of action on how to stay healthy during pregnancy. 

Nutrition & supplements

Now that you’re pregnant, you need to increase your daily calorie intake. Because you are eating for two, make sure there are enough nutrients in your diet to keep both of you healthy. Add more calories to your diet, depending on your current physical health & activity. If you’re thin & do more physical activity, then an increase in calories should be more.
One of the best tips to stay healthy during pregnancy requires you to eat healthy & nutritious food. Your diet should contain lean meats, whole-grain bread, green vegetables, seasonal fruits, and low-fat dairy products. 
Make sure to avoid junk food because of high amounts of carbohydrates & fats and low amounts of nutrients in it. 

Consume prenatal vitamins

Generally, health care providers prescribe prenatal vitamins to pregnant women. Prenatal vitamins ensure that you & your baby get sufficient nutrients. 

Calcium, iron, and folic acid are critical to the growth of your baby during the first few months, that’s why prenatal vitamins are essential. However, it doesn’t mean that you can reduce your intake of nutrients. Make sure to carry both things side by side. 

Exercise 150 minutes/week according to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, pregnant women should exercise 150 minutes/week. However, exercise should be moderately-intense. Regular exercise is one of the best tips to stay healthy during pregnancy. It keeps you healthy by avoiding:

 • Excess weight gain 

 • Risks of constipation & back pain 

 • Lack of sleep 

 • Low energy 

 • Increase in recovery time after birth 

Sleep 7-10 hours daily

If you’re looking for how to stay healthy during pregnancy, then make sure to stay in bed for at least 8 hours. Try to sleep on your side with your knees bent. Pregnancy makes you feel tired because you’ve to carry more weight than usual. Therefore, you need to sleep longer than usual to ensure better recovery of your body. Sleeping makes you feel relaxed, which ultimately provides several health benefits. 

Avoid alcohol & caffeine

Toxins like alcohol & recreational drugs are linked to complications in pregnancy. Make sure to avoid the consumption of alcohol. The same goes for recreational drugs. They don’t only affect your health but put your growing baby under huge risks like premature birth, poor growth, and behavior problems.
Overconsumption of caffeine in the form of tea, coffee, and soft drinks is also bad during pregnancy. Caffeine restricts your sleep and keeps you awake. Therefore, cut your caffeine consumption and bring it to a minimal level.