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Last Month Of Pregnancy Checklist

Last Month Of Pregnancy Checklist

The last month of pregnancy is an amalgam of scared and enthusiastic feelings. You won’t know what’s going on and what would happen next. The baby you’re giving birth will be a successful delivery or not. What would happen if it proves a premature birth?

And the exciting feelings are like you’re going to be a mother soon, a mother of your kid who will call you “mom” and you’re dying to listen to this word “mama.” Finally, you will have one who will support you, cares for you, understands you, and will favor you as none had done before. Every pregnant woman can feel the truth of my sentences. So, be ready for everything that’s happened to you silently. 

Let’s discuss what should a woman include in her pregnancy checklist:

Buy baby items

Time is uncertain. You can’t estimate the things, but you can schedule your thoughts. Every mother desires to buy newborn baby clothes and see them several times a day. It gives them hope of holding a baby in her hands! 

Take mani/Pedi services

Your last pregnancy month prepares you for flip flop post-labor shuffling. You need some pampering at this time, and your hands will appear in a zillion of photos to celebrate the moment. Get mani/Pedi services from a salon or do it yourself. 

Name your baby!

Everyone will ask you for a name when you’ll be on the hospital’s bed. Do you want anyone to call your baby with his/her desired name? Suggest a name to your husband and get approval to know the pre-defined name whom they’ve to call your baby.

Pack a hospital bag

You’re not sure about the day of pregnancy in 9 months. It’s a natural thing that you feel pain and rush to the hospital. You don’t have enough time to collect the things you need and pack them in a bag. You’re in a hurry and want to reach the hospital as soon as you can. So, it’s a better idea in the pregnancy checklist to pack each and everything of your need at the start of the 9th month to avoid awkwardness. 

Install a baby seat in your car

After delivery, how would you hold your baby if you’re not with someone else? Your partner is driving a car, and you’re not in a position to keep him/her for longer in your lap. That’s why the trimester pregnancy checklist enlists install a baby seat in your car to make your journey towards home safe and secure! 

Take more parental classes

Suppose it’s your first pregnancy and you don’t know how to change a diaper? When would you identify your baby is feeling hungry? Try to appear in more parental classes to learn various phycological symptoms of a newborn baby. It would help you a lot in parenting.

Be ready for breastfeeding

Every mother feels breastfeeding an awkward and shy thing. Many women don’t like to feed their kids because of shyness, and few don’t know how to feed a baby. Make a mind of breastfeeding before giving birth and learn some tactics to do it well without hesitation. 

Know the stages of the labor room

You might know the pain and aches you’ll come across in your labor room. Talk to someone older and ask them how it feels like? How would you cope with it? What should you do when it reaches the climax? Your elders will give you some useful and informative tips regarding the trimester pregnancy checklist that may help you a lot. 

Wait for the day

Don’t be panic and overwhelm with overthinking. At this stage, every woman goes through a natural and uncertain period where she dreams of different bad or good things. A pregnant woman can’t sleep at night properly. Take a long breathe and check things that you’ve added to your trimester pregnancy checklist!