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How to Use a home pregnancy test Step by Step

How to Use a home pregnancy test Step by Step

When a woman feels the early symptoms of pregnancy, the first thing that comes to her mind for verifying the pregnancy is to perform a home pregnancy test.
A typical example of a home pregnancy test is urinating on a pregnancy test strip and after a few minutes, you get a result. Such pregnancy tests are generally accurate. The purpose of a home pregnancy test is to detect pregnancy hormones (if any) in the urine.

How to Use a home pregnancy?

After finding out that you’re showing some early symptoms of pregnancy, you can verify it by taking a home pregnancy test.

A home pregnancy test detects a hormone that is only found in a woman’s body if she is pregnant. Your urine is used in this test to detect the presence of pregnancy hormones.

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Let’s learn about how you can find out.

1- You can urinate in a container/cup and put the pregnancy test strip in the cup.

2- You can extract a few drops of your urine from the cup using a dropper and put it into a separate container. Then, dip the pregnancy test strip in the container.

3- Now, wait for the recommended time to pass as mentioned on the box of the test strip.

4- You can see the result in either of the below forms.

5- Change in color, a positive or negative sign, pregnant or not-pregnant in the written form.

6- Now, read the manual of the test strip to found out the meaning of the symbol or color.

You can wait for 1-2 weeks after experiencing the early symptoms of pregnancy before taking a test. As per the surveys, 99% of the time home pregnancy results are accurate.

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