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First Time Pregnancy Advice

First Time Pregnancy Advice

is it your first every pregnancy? If yes, then you’re going to get plenty of advice from several people. Many of them will be useful and some useless. The best of all would come from your healthcare provider. 

Rather than acting on every advice or ignoring all of them, make sure to learn how to handle first-time pregnancy advice.

• Instead of avoiding Google, use it carefully

Many people are going to tell you to avoid Google. You are, indeed, going to find many scary things about pregnancy. However, you find some insightful knowledge, as well. You can use it to find answers to your questions. You can Google pregnancy-related health care precautions, advice from experts, and research studies.
If something sounds odd to you, then the best option is to consult your healthcare provider.

• People say that don’t eat for two; ignore this advice

There’s no doubt that during pregnancy, your body needs more calories than usual. However, many women will advise you to avoid eating for two. The best thing is to eat what feels sufficient for you. Don’t obsess over how much to eat & what to eat. The truth is your body is going to do what it meant to do during pregnancy. Don’t turn your ear to every piece of advice. It’s one of the best tips on how to handle first-time pregnancy advice. 

Make sure to maintain a healthy & nutritious diet. Eat healthily & keep a sufficient intake of liquid to stay hydrated all the time. The workout is necessary as well; however, if you spend most of your day doing household chores and other physical activities, then the workout is not mandatory.

• Don’t pay heed to advice like avoid the microwave, cell phones, and high heels

Many people give baseless advice like ‘you shouldn’t use a microwave and cell phone.’ There’s absolutely no scientific logic behind these bits of advice. The best thing you can do is to stay aware of your pregnancy state & act accordingly. 
Keep a balance between things, and don’t let yourself freak out. Consider consulting your healthcare provider for the best pieces of advice. 

• Do what makes you feel comfortable

Don’t stress over things that are beyond your control. Rather than trying to avoid everything suggested by people around you, do what makes you feel comfortable. If relying on others is not your thing, then don’t hesitate to be your guide. You don’t need to push yourself for things that you don’t like because it can impact you negatively. 

However, if something goes by the ground rules of pregnancy care, then ensure avoiding such things. Because at the end of the day, it’s in the best interest of you & your baby growing inside your belly. 

• Take enough sleep but don’t stress yourself

One common advice women get during pregnancy is to sleep as much as possible. It’s great to spend more time sleeping, but you shouldn’t force yourself when you don’t feel tired or need to sleep. 

You can’t pause your life and other activities and become a couch potato. You need to attend your workplace, do your daily chores, and focus on other stuff as long as feasible. Try to get the minimum recommended sleep, and then you’re good to pay heed to your routine life.

• Instead of solely relying on your gut, find a caretaker

Another common advice women get during pregnancy is to trust the gut feelings. You should listen to the voice in the back of your mind, but don’t use it as your only resource. Make sure you have the services of a healthcare provider whom you can trust.