helpful sleep solutions during pregnancy

sleep solutions during pregnancy

Pregnancy can disturb your sleeping routine, and you’ll experience trouble staying asleep. You must get 8 hours of sleep a day just like you used to sleep before pregnancy. To cope with your sleep difficulties, let us look into some helpful sleep solutions during pregnancy.

Best Sleeping Positions Sleeping on your left side would be the ideal position to sleep during pregnancy.

You can sleep on the right side as well, but the left side would give you more benefits. Sleeping on the left side ensures proper blood circulation and nutrients supply to your baby.
During pregnancy, it is obvious that you can’t sleep on your stomach, but you should also avoid sleeping on your back.

It lowers the blood circulation to the lower part of your body. Due to the growing uterus pressure, blood flow will disturb. If you lay on your back for a long time, you start feeling dizzy and experience disturbed sleep.

Common Sleep Solutions to Adopt During Pregnancy

• Workout during the day Workout or exercise is important during pregnancy but makes sure to do it during the day. You’ll be tired at the night after doing household chores and workout in the day. It will help because a tired person sleeps quickly.

• Don’t drink too much water after 6 pm During pregnancy, your bathroom visits become more frequent than normal. If you need to go to the bathroom too often during the night, then drink less water after 6 pm.

• Get your worries off before going to bed If several thoughts and worries keep popping in your mind while you try to sleep, then talk to a friend or parents before going to bed. Get rid of those thoughts and worries and go to your bed with an empty mind.