A Very Short List Of Things Your Newborn Actually Needs

A Very Short List Of Things Your Newborn Actually Needs

After receiving gifts at baby showers, most mothers find out that the majority of gifts are actually not essential. If you are going to attend a baby shower or your baby shower is going to help soon, then make sure to give/receive useful gifts. 

Nothing is embarrassing in asking your guests to bring only essential items as gifts that your newborn actually needs. 
Make sure to prepare yourself in advance for the delivery and buy some essential items for your newborn.

Here’s a list of things your newborn actually needs. 


Regardless of how you choose to feed your baby after his/her birth, make sure you have a few essential items that you’re going to need. If you want to breastfeed your infant, you’re going to need a breast pump only a few hours after the birth of your baby. Make sure you already have got one before the expected time of delivery. In case you choose to formula feed, then arrange a good-quality formula feed for your newborn in advance. You’ll need bibs and burp cloths as well, so have sufficient amounts of them in your hospital bag. In short, use the below checklist of things your newborn actually needs so that you can complete the feeding kit of your newborn. 

• Breast pump
• Bibs
• Burp cloths
• Nursing bras & pillows
• Milk storage container for infant


Besides feeding essentials, diapering items should be readily available as well. When a baby is born, diapering is one of the first things he/she needs. Make sure to arrange plenty of them in advance. Essential items for your newborn includes:

• Newborn size diapers
• Sufficient amount of clothes
• Waterproof covers
• Wipes for cleaning your newborn’s bottom
You shouldn’t buy more than 1 or 2 dozen newborn size diapers because if your baby grows quickly, you will need to replace them. 


Clothing is as important for your newborn as it’s for you. Make sure to be prepared in advance and get some essential clothes. Newborns need several cloth changes throughout the day, so make sure to have enough of them. The clothing gear should be according to the season. 
If you’re expecting your baby’s delivery in cold weather, then make sure to buy warm clothes. If it’s warm weather, then make sure to have a mix of short-sleeve & long-sleeve clothes. Have a generous collection of 

• Onesies 
• Nightgowns
• Stretchy sleepers
• Pants
• Hats
• Jackets
• Snowsuit
• Scratch socks

You should have more than 5 onesies, 4-5 t-shirts, 5 pairs of pants, at least 6 pairs of pajamas, one snowsuit (if winter), and more than 5 pairs of socks. The above list of clothing items is essential for your newborn. 
However, you can add a few more items like a special outfit, diaper covers, and a wearable sleep sack. You don’t need shoes for your newborn, so avoid buying them. 


More essential items that your newborn needs are blankets. It’s part of the sleeping gear. You need to make sure that your newborn is properly covered. For that, you need a variety of blankets. You need at least 3 large cotton blankets for your newborn. 
The blankets should be lightweight, so it doesn’t cause any breathing problems to your newborn. 

Car seat

To ensure safe traveling, make sure to have a car seat explicitly designed for newborns. You should get a car seat for your newborn in advance so you can easily take him/her to places you need to visit. 

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