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5 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

5 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Most women learn that they are expecting during the fifth week of pregnancy. The proof of pregnancy is a pregnancy test. If you are looking for very very early signs of pregnancy, you are at the right place. Most women may experience early signs of pregnancy discharge. The increased vagina blood flow and hormones cause pregnancy discharge.

Learn more about the early signs of pregnancy.
Early Signs of Pregnancy:

Classic Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy

These are the common early signs of pregnancy and might include:

• Missed Period

If you are in the childbearing year and a week or more passed away without an expected menstrual cycle, you might be expecting. Though, the symptom may be misleading because of the irregular mental stress.

• Nausea Without Or With Vomiting

The morning stickiness can strike any time during the night or day. It can begin 1 month after you expect. In some cases, women may feel nausea during pregnancy, and some never experience nausea.

• Fatigue

Fatigue is a common sign of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, the hormone level of progesterone soar. It will make you feel sleepy.

• Increased Urination

You might urinate more during pregnancy. The blood amount increases when you are expecting. It will cause your kidneys to push extra fluids from the bladder.
Other Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs
Let’s take a look at the less obvious symptoms and signs of the pregnancy. Most women experience the first trauma include:

• Bloating

The hormonal changes cause bloating. It’s similar to the menstrual period.
• Moodiness
The hormones flood in the body can make you weepy and emotional. The moodiness and mood swing is a common early sign of pregnancy.

• Cramping

In some cases, you experience mild urinating cramping.

• Light spotting

The light spot is a common early sign of pregnancy.
Are You Pregnant?
Most of these symptoms signs are not unique to pregnancy. You may also expect pregnancy without these signs. If you are not sure about pregnancy, do a home pregnancy test, and if the test is positive contact a doctor so you can start parental care.