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25 Unique Baby Names for Girls

Every parent craves a unique and different name for their little munchkin. Names have a very significant impact on a person’s life and having a unique name gives you a sense of being unique and different from others.

So are you expecting a baby girl and looking for some unique baby girl names then we have the list of 25 unique names for baby girls. Go through the list, who knows you might end up having one for your little angel.

1. Aria: 

Origin: Italian
Meaning: lioness of God

2. Calla: 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Beautiful Voice

3. Cassia: 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Cinnamon like spice

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4. Inez Origin: 

Meaning: Pure

5. Celyn 

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Holy

6. Bronwyn 

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Fair Beast

7. Calla 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Arum Lily

8. Wynn 

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Friend

9. Dinah 

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: vindicated or Judgement placed upon

10. Hadlee 

Origin: old English
Meaning: of-Heather covered meadows

11. Mireya 

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Miracle

12. Teegan 

Origin: Celtic
Meaning: Little poetess or bird

13. Priya 

Origin: Sanskrit
Meaning: Beloved or darling

14. Yani 

Origin: Hebrew, Australian and Aboriginal
Meaning: Peaceful or Peace

15. Anika 

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Sweetness of face

16. Aaliah 

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: to ascend

17. Neveah 

Origin: English
Meaning: backward spelled Heaven

18. Zosia 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Vigorous or Vital

19. Armelle 

Origin: French
Meaning: Bear Princess

20. Britta 

Origin: Old Norse
Meaning: Strong

21. Delaney 

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Black and Slaine

22. Kaia 

Origin: Hawaiian
Meaning: The Sea

23. Sena 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Blessed

24. Adley 

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Judicious

25. Embry 

Origin: English
Meaning: Work Rule

So, here is the list of the 25 most Unique baby girl names. We hope this list would be of great help to you to choose the best names for baby girls.

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