soothe a crying baby

12 ways to soothe a crying baby

soothe a crying baby

Crying is the baby’s way of communicating with parents. If your baby keeps crying and you find it difficult to soothe him, then try out any one of the 

1. Shush your baby Shushing the baby often helps. Make a shushing sound to a similar volume to the baby’s cries. For most of the babies, shushing means you’ve understood them, and it calms them.

2. Swing or sway Making any kind of rhythmic motion with your baby also helps to soothe them. It is an old and proven technique and works on almost all crying babies. 

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12 ways to soothe a crying baby

3. Rub them Rubbing the baby or rubbing his tummy in particular comfort the baby and soothe them. If a baby is crying when he is restless, rubbing his tummy helps to calm them. 

4. Take a drive Take them to a ride in the car or stroller. Any smooth and consistent motion helps babies to sleep. 

5. White noise Any consistent sounds like the sound of waterfall and beach have a soothing effect. It calms the babies. 

6. Go outside If a baby is crying consistently, then the change of scenery can work. Take them outside of the house. 

7. Check the clothes Sometimes, clothes can be an issue. It may be tight or confining. Remove the garments for a moment and observe his response.

8. Try a swing Babies sleep quickly in a swing. If he’s crying, put him within the swing, and he’ll quickly sleep

9. Consider colic Most babies experience colic until the age of 5 months. Give them anti-colic with your doctor’s recommendation. 

10. Hold them close When parents hold the baby close to them and cuddle them, it calms the baby. 

11. Encourage sucking Sucking is a natural reflex for babies. Lend them your little finger for a stint, and it’ll soothe their nerves. 

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soothe a crying baby

12. Dim the lights Making a dark environment can soothe the baby. Dim the lights for some time and see if it works.