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11 pregnancy truths better to know when expecting

11 pregnancy truths better to know when expecting

If you’re expecting or had a baby then you must have surfed the Internet for different tips and tricks that can be helpful during this time. You must have looked or essentials required in a hospital bag, effective recipes that help in inducing the labor.

11 pregnancy facts

Gaining weight is normal

Some time ago I came across news that Britney Spears gained weight during pregnancy and knew many others who gained weight. Before I got pregnant I always used to think I won’t ever let it happen to myself. After I got pregnant I gained a lot of weight and I realized that for some woman Diet regimes or eating healthy cannot help in not gaining weight. It’s the time when anyone should focus on the health of oneself and the baby, not over the weight.

Social indications also apply for a woman expecting

Statements like you are huge and are you sure about being six months expecting. This might be normal for you but keep in mind that such comments refer to your belly. You must resist punching people like those.

Answering the same question All through the pregnancy

The FAQ that you have to answer every time like what’s the expected date? What are your feelings? Do you have cravings? Is it a boy or a girl? What name did you pick out? And all such questions

Calls of the friends and family on the due date

Call from friends and the family are all for showing their support and feelings of excitement. However, at this time you’re so done with being pregnant and might find all the messages and calls a bit too annoying rather than being encouraging. One of my friends created a group and typed a message that could let everyone know about the arrival of the baby.

While expecting does not Google the problems instead consult your doctor

Research showed the people who conducted Google search found that they had been dying of different ailments that they watched on Grey’s Anatomy.

Forget TV episodes depicting labor

Quite possible you won’t get allowed your friends to feed you with chips or things in the labor room. You may end up being sweaty and tired that you won’t be able to open both eyes together.

 Witnessed naked during labor

You won’t care about this as there would be many other things going on your head.

Changing mind about drugs

At the time when I was expecting I started taking medicines for a normal delivery but still I ended up having a C-section and also didn’t had any choice. This was some kind of relief for me but then I thought that some of the women can go to labor without taking any drug and others cannot avoid it. But in the end all of us the same reward doesn’t matter whatever we do for achieving it.

Bundle of rules to follow at hospital

You’re not even allowed to carry your baby in your arms outside. The baby must be carried in the arm of the parents or the baby bag.

Forgetting the details of labor and delivery

I had a near and dear one in the labor room during my delivery that took notes of things happening and gave those notes to me. I was surprised that I forgot all of the details in minutes.

Sign of pain Vanish is as soon as you come across the baby

Well, it is the rule of nature that ensures that you may want to do all this over again.